Did You Know

Fred Jaindl’s first major land deal was with famed developer, Murray Goodman.

True To Our Roots

Since John L. Jaindl and his son Fred first launched their turkey farm in 1932, entrepreneurship continues to be the Jaindl Family's longest-running tradition. Their principles, rooted in integrity, honesty, and a commitment to absolute quality, continue to echo through the family's modern business practices.

Our Past

John Jaindl immigrated from Austria in 1912 in pursuit of the American Dream. Settling on Gordon Street in Allentown’s Sixth Ward, the Jaindls immediately engaged in a range of entrepreneurial values, each rooted in family and tradition. The small Austrian family opened the Stone Tavern on Walbert Avenue in Allentown in the 1920s, which later evolved into Jaindl Turkey Farms in 1935.

Fred Jaindl, John’s son, was born in 1927 and raised on the farm. Fred learned every intricacy of the business and knew that he could differentiate his product by appealing to the customer’s wants and needs while maintaining the highest quality product. In 1951, Fred Jaindl won the national Grand Champion Award for his turkey, securing his reputation for quality.

As Fred grew the farm, his land holdings increased, and he realized first-hand the potential in land development. As a result, Fred developed an interest in the banking business. Fred relayed to his family the importance of family, tradition, and quality, along with many entrepreneurial values that continue to echo through the generations.

Our Present

Mark W. Jaindl, Fred’s son, founded American Bank in 1996. American Bank relied on establishing strong relationships with its customers and strong analytical practices to mitigate risk and successfully navigate the 2007 financial crisis with zero nonperforming loans. Mark continues to serve as the Chairman, CEO, and President of the $700 million commercial bank.

Zachary J. Jaindl, Fred’s grandson, studied Finance, Marketing, and Real Estate at Lehigh University. In a Real Estate class, Zachary was tasked with analyzing the Allentown riverfront project (which he would later rename “The Waterfront”). Zachary asked Mark to consult on the financing aspects of large-scale development and, together, the two analyzed the project and ultimately understood exactly how to make it succeed.

In 2011, Mark and Zachary Jaindl discussed current trends in development throughout their region: green fields were quickly disappearing while the Lehigh Valley’s urban infrastructure was crumbling. The father-son team launched Jaindl Properties to help preserve culturally significant sites and architecture while promoting the redevelopment and strengthening of regional urban centers.

The Jaindl Creed

Beginning with John and Fred Jaindl’s father-son business in 1932, Jaindl Enterprises stays true to its core creed and mantra:

“We will always prioritize quality over profit and strive to better the communities in which we live and work. Our integrity is our foundation, and our word is our bond. We will exhibit the highest respect for our colleagues and competitors while distinguishing ourselves with a reputation for excellence.”