• Status Leased
  • Size 17,510 Square Feet
  • Constructed 1911
  • Renovated 2018

The historic Lehigh Valley Trust Building was designed to embody an era of great hope, aspiration, and progress. Its magnificent details have been inspiring guests since its doors opened in 1911. The façade is adorned with immense Corinthian-style pillars and intricate marble details designed to properly welcome guests to the illustrious address. Regal stone lions stand guard over the property’s beautiful stone pediment, and stunning brass doors serve as a portal to the Gilded Age within.

The Great Hall was built to achieve a standard that has since been lost today. The massive room boasts five original and fully restored Hess Chandeliers, gold-leafed molding, fluted columns, and a signature Vault Bar custom fitted into one of the property’s five antique vaults. The room is crowned with an original 900 square foot stained glass ceiling that glows warmly to properly set the mood in the Gilded Age marvel.

Today, the historic grand halls of the Lehigh Valley Trust Building are home to Vault 634, another company in the Jaindl Enterprises portfolio.